Thank you for your interest in Metal Lunchbox Publishing. Below is a list of frequently asked questions.  If you have a question not answered here, email your question to
 and we will answer your question.

Are you a vanity or subsidy publisher? 

No. We publish only a few titles a year. We receive many submissions but select only a few to publish. We are very selective about the titles we publish and feature stories we like and that we feel appeals to our target audience. The author does not pay any money towards the production or distribution of the book. For submission guidelines click here.

Is there any cost to me if you decide to publish my book?

No. If we decide to publish your book, we cover all production cost including cover design, editorial, formatting, isbn, etc. There is never any cost to you.  We do offer professional services for businesses or individuals who would like to self publish but our authors do not pay for these services.

Can I buy copies of my book for personal appearances?

Yes. One of the benefits we offer our authors is the ability to purchase copies at our cost with no markup to sell at personal appearances. 

If you publish my book, do I have final say over cover and book design?

If we publish the book and spend the time and money preparing your book for print, we retain the final say in all book design elements. If you would like to retain control over all design elements, you may want to explore self publishing.

Can I pay you to publish my book?

No. If you would like to self publish, we offer services to help you prepare your book for print but we do not offer publishing services. For a list of author services, click here.

Do you pay advances?

We pay royalties based on sales of your book. We do not pay advances.  If we decide to publish your book, the details of our royalty program will be clearly defined in our Publishing Agreement.